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About us

ACE Packaging Inc. has been a sophisticated manufacturer of industrial packaging bags for more than a decade.  We have multiple facilities to offer a wide variety of products and logistic solutions to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada.

As a manufacturer, everything starts from scratch.  Beginning with the polypropylene (PP) resins, these starting materials flow through a full sequence of extruding, weaving, printing, laminating, sewing, and packaging.  Having ownership in the manufacturing facilities allows us to stay competitive in the marketplace, thus enabling sustainable relationships that are built upon trust amongst all of our customers.

We continuously upgrade our facilities and invest in new equipment to stay ahead of the curve as the technology evolves over the years.  It is our mission to sharpen our vision and strengthen our versatility to serve our customers from the agricultural, chemical, animal feed, mining, and construction industries.


Ace Packaging-Manufacturing Process