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Small Packaging Bags

The small polypropylene (PP) woven bags are widely used for the packaging of commodity dry goods such as pet food, animal feed, seeds, fertilizer, chemicals, resins, sands, etc.  We have in-house weaving, laminating, and sewing machines to provide a variety of fabrics, shapes, sizes, openings, and laminations to meet your specific packaging needs.

We also possess the Rotogravures reverse printing technology and engraved cylinders to offer multicolor printing on the Bi-oriented PolyPropylene (BOPP) film.  The BOPP laminated PP woven bags and the multiwall PaperPoly bags can both have high quality graphics to ensure the best marketing display and attraction for your potential customers.

  • Standard PP woven bags (Please check out Online Store for more details.)

            Standard PP woven with Prints-ACE Packaging

  • Transparent PP woven bags: provides high transparency, ideal for high-end applications

          Clear PP woven-Ace Packaging  Clear PP woven-Ace Packaging


  • BOPP bags: provides crystal clear packaging with high quality sharp graphics

          BOPP matt finish  BOPP glossy finish


  • PaperPoly bags: provides extra strength over multi-wall paper bags

          Ace Packaging PaperPoly 3in1  Ace Packaging PaperPoly 5in1


  • Valve bags: designed for automated operation for high efficiency

          Ace Packaging valve bag front  Ace Packaging valve bag open


  • Block bottom bags: prevents grease to leach out and contaminate the packaging

          Ace Packaging block bottom glossy  Ace Packaging block bottom matt