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Bulk Bags (FIBCs)

The bulk bags, also known as FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), super sacks or super poly bags, are great for storing and transporting large quantities of solid materials such as chemicals, resins, seeds, soil, sand, minerals, etc.  We have inventories of generic bulk bags in domestic warehouses to serve the immediate needs of the North American market.  Please check out Online Store for more details.

The performance bulk bags are customized according to the properties of material or your specific requirements.  We also optimize the design of the bulk bags to make sure you get the best performance at the most reasonable price.  Our technical configuration covers but not limited to the following designs:


Fabric Types:

Ace Packaging FIBC-fabric types 


Lifting Loops:

Ace Packaging FIBC-lifting loops


Top Charging Options:

Ace Packaging FIBC-top charging options


Bottom Discharging Options:

Ace Packaging FIBC-bottom discharging options